4 reasons you need a monthly cake day in the office

4 reasons you need a monthly cake day in the office

Monthly workplace cake day – it just sounds great. Do we need to say more?

Okay... Cake should be special, they're called celebration cakes after all.

Sometimes it can feel like it's someone's birthday every day in the office. You find yourself with sponge fatigue admidst a never-ending conga line of Colin the Caterpillars. Whilst cake is our day job, we don't eat it all day. Sweet treats should be exactly that, a treat. More of us are making healthier food choices and so your colleagues might come to resent that weekly cake tempting them. But that doesn't mean saying goodbye to office cake. It might just mean reassessing your office cake culture.

Office Cake Day

A study by the University of Chester led by Lou Walker found that 95% of respondents said the ideal frequency for office cake was once a week or less; 41% said once a month. But whilst people understand the negative impact over-consumption of cake can have, respondents value the social, morale-boosting effects of office cake. Perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. But we say, let them eat cake – just cut it down to once a month. Here are 4 reasons why your workplace should do a monthly cake day:

Do office birthdays right

By grouping employees by ‘birthday month’ and having a monthly cake day to celebrate them all, you can make office birthdays much simpler. Everyone gets a spectacular cake-fuelled celebration organised in advance and the office always has something to look forward too. It also means you won't risk forgetting anyone's birthday and you're not forcing anyone to be the solo centre of attention. 

Make office cake a special occasion

No one can deny the sheer excitement of finding out there’s cake in the office. Schedule a monthly cake day and the whole office has something to look forward to. Keep them guessing by surprising your colleagues with a different treats every month and make sure everyone gathers around for the big reveal. Rather than leaving cake out to graze on all day, take that time together and then get it packed up and hidden away.

workplace monthly cake day

Save time and keep to office budgets

Okay, this one isn't as fun, but budgets matter. By planning your cake days in advance every month, you can properly budget on office celebrations for the year. It also saves you time on hitting the local supermarket. You can set up your office treat days for the next 12 months, sit back and watch the cakes roll in.

Cake equality

Have you ever noticed when it's the boss's birthday that you suddenly go from dry supermarket cake to slightly more upmarket bakes? Yeh, us too. By having your monthly workplace cake day you level the playing field. Each celebration is equal and marked with a great looking (and tasting) cake. Check out our Office Treat Days subscription available to schedule throughout the year on the days of your choice. Have the flexibility to skip a month if necessary, and mix in Gluten-Free and Vegan options too.
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