How to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office

It’s that time of year again when everything from Tube ads to supermarket aisles start to turn a little… pink. Yep, February 14th is right around the corner. If you're wondering how to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office, look no further!

Look, if Valentine’s Day makes you want to scowl rather than swoon, we hear ya!

But regardless of your relationship status or aversion to marketing clichés, we’re on a mission to help you transform Valentine's Day into an opportunity to shower your team with appreciation.

Amidst the daily grind, opportunities to express gratitude in the workplace can be easily overlooked. So even if Valentine's Day doesn't resonate with you on a personal level, it provides a wonderful opportunity to show your team just how much they mean to you. 

If you’re considering ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work (without giving anyone the ick or filling up your workspace with pink tat destined for landfill), we have the perfect solution. Just call us Cupid. 

Valentine’s Day treats for the office

What’s something that makes hearts race and rarely goes to waste in the office? Yep, you guessed it… cake.

And once again this year, CakeDrop has unveiled the most scrumptious range of Valentine’s Day treats for the workplace. From cupcakes to candy floss, our Valentine’s Day treats as impactful as they are delicious. You can even customise them with your branding for an extra unique touch. 

So, if you’re eager to show your teams just how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day, take a look at just some of our special edition treats:

Whether you want to treat your teams to a fun snack for afternoon tea, or really wow them with something special, CakeDrop has something for all budgets. Take a look at just some of our special Valentine’s Day options…


Valentine's Day cupcakes

A CakeDrop customer favourite, our customisable cupcakes are deliciously decadent and infinitely Instagrammable. Wow your teams with this romantic showstopper. Add logo toppers for a branded touch. Order Valentine's Day cupcakes


Valentine's Day cupcakes

Heart-shaped chocolate lollipops

What’s better than a lollipop? A chocolate lollipop. And what’s better than a chocolate lollipop? One sprinkled with Valentine's goodies and candies, of course! Tie with branded ribbon to make them your own. Order heart-shaped chocolate lollipops

Valentine's Day lollipops

Pink candy floss with heart confetti

Love in a tub. Our pink candy floss with edible heart confetti is lighter than air and sweeter than…candy! The perfect desk treat to make your teams feel loved. Brand up the tub for extra impact. Order pink candy floss with heart confetti

Valentine's Day candy floss

Valentine's Day brownie bites

Nothing says ‘you’re appreciated’ quite like a platter of our Valentine's Day brownie bites. Lovingly baked with a gooey chocolate middle, they’re the perfect treat for the whole team. Customise with logo toppers for a branded finish. Order Valentine's Day brownie bites. 

Valentine'S Day brownies

Valentine's Day candy platters

For those sweet tooths who just can’t choose, our Valentine’s Day candy platters are filled with sweets and treats to your heart’s desire—and come with brandable pink paper candy bags and pick-n-mix scoops. Order Valentine's Day candy platters

Valentine's Day candy platter

Valentine's Day biscuits

Another CakeDrop classic, our iced biscuits always go down a treat... but especially on Valentine's Day. These special edition heart cookies are easy to customise with your brand colours and logo, and delightful with a Valentine’s Day cuppa. Order Valentine's Day heart biscuits


Valentine's Day biscuits

If you still can't decide how to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office, browse our full range of Valentine's Day treats some more. 

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