Tips for planning a work summer party

7 tips for planning a work summer party

Summer is the perfect time for a work party, a chance to unwind, bond, and celebrate milestones in the sunshine. But you can’t just order in a few ice lollies and call it a day - if you want to create a really memorable event, then you need thoughtful preparation, creativity, and attention to detail. Here’s 7 top tips for planning a work summer party:

1. Know your people

Before diving into the details, consider the preferences of your employees. Are they a young crowd who might enjoy a lively event with themed cocktails, or a diverse group who are less into drinking and would appreciate something more family friendly? Nailing the crowd's vibe is key, and a quick staff survey is a great way to get feedback on what people do and don’t want. 

2. Set a clear objective

What is the purpose of your summer party - is it to celebrate a successful quarter, honour employees, or simply to boost morale? A clear objective will guide your planning process (and your budget), and make it easier to assess whether the event was a success afterwards.

3. Choose your venue wisely

Summer may make you think of sunny beaches, parks and other outdoor venues, but remember - the British weather is a fickle beast. A pro tip from someone who’s learned the hard way: always have a Plan B that doesn’t involve getting drenched. Websites such as Venue Scanner and Absolute Venues will search for suitable venues for you free of charge.

4. Fire up the fun

Engaging activities are the heart of any party- they encourage interaction and get everyone warmed up. But whether you go for a DJ, games, or a karaoke sesh, make sure any activities you plan are inclusive and cater to various interests, physical abilities, and neurodiversity.

5. Plan your food

Match your food and drink to your party’s pulse. Formal do? Think sit-down dinner. Casual affair? Go for grub you can grab and gab with. Make sure you cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions, and don’t forget to include non-alcoholic options in your drinks selection.

6. Incorporate your remote teams

In a post-lockdown world it's important that remote employees feel as included and valued as those who are physically present. For offsite employees attending the party, be mindful of the fact that they may not have met colleagues in person before and make sure that they are included and welcomed - buddy systems work great for this. If remote staff can’t make it to the party at all, think about how to involve them in the celebrations - a drinks voucher is a great way to bring the party to them.

In short, planning a great summer party is about getting the vibe right, setting a clear goal, and being all-inclusive. With thoughtful planning and attention to what really matters, you can create a meaningful event that strengthens team bonds and takes your workplace culture to the next level.

This article '7 tips for planning a work summer party' was written by Cass Briscoe, who is an Event Planner and Workplace Culture Expert. You can see her work and hire her at

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