best work perks for 2024

The best work perks for 2024

Wondering what the best work perks for 2024 are in the eyes of your people? Read on!

It's safe to say some companies have gone a bit too hard on workplace frills over the years, instead of focusing on the root causes of what makes a company good or bad to work for. And it’s true: you can’t replace fair pay with a ping pong table, or reduce burnout with a beer tap.

That’s not to say those perks aren’t brilliant - employees will always appreciate a few fun incentives here and there to make work more enticing. However they can never be a substitute for things that really impact employee wellbeing.

As you might imagine, the kinds of things employees consider to be perks have changed considerably in recent years. The modern workplace is evolving, and perks that once seemed extravagant are now essential components of a compelling employee value proposition. So, what does the employee of today want? We’ve done some digging…

Work from anywhere 

The traditional office is so 2019. Today, it’s all about working from your treehouse or even a hammock in Mexico. As long as you have Wi-Fi, who cares if your office mate is a sloth?  Flexibility is integral to an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, and a work-from-anywhere policy will set you apart from your competitors when it comes to your employee value proposition. For companies worried about tax and legal issues, a policy which allows staff to work from anywhere for a certain amount of weeks in a year is one way around this that still allows flexibility for your team.

Personal Development Opportunities

Employees increasingly value opportunities for growth and learning. Forward-thinking firms are stepping up and offering courses, workshops, or tuition reimbursement for skills relevant to their industry. These investments not only boost employee morale but also increase loyalty and productivity among the team. Encouraging personal development shows a commitment to employees' future, making them feel valued and invested in the long-term success of the company.

Mental health support 

Employees today are more conscious than ever about their mental health. And rightly so! But a free subscription to an employee wellbeing app or the occasional meditation workshop isn’t going to cut it. First and foremost, employees want to see that employers are prioritising their mental health through healthy workplace culture and working practices. Everything else is a nice-to-have. If you’re keen to go an extra step towards prioritising your employee’s mental wellbeing, why not offer subsidised therapy or counselling sessions. You might find a perk like this as popular as traditional benefits such as gym memberships. 

Financial benefits 

The cost-of-living crisis is set to continue throughout 2024 so any financial relief offered to employees at this time is going to be hugely meaningful. Signing your company up to an employee perks platform will give your employees access to a range of retail discounts and restaurant offers, however these may or may not make a meaningful difference. In light of the current economic climate, many companies have responded by providing financial benefits such as a monthly travel allowance to reduce commuting costs. Others are pledging to ensure salaries rise each year in line with inflation or offering employees an annual cost-of-living bonus. Anything you can do to offer some relief in these trying times is going to go down well with workers but it's up to you how you offer that support.

We may not have made the best work perks of 2024 list but if you’d like to treat your employees to a mood-boosting treat now and again, CakeDrop can help! 

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