How to celebrate life events in the office

How to celebrate life events in the office

Why celebrate life events in the office? Well, nothing brings people together like a celebration. These milestones not only provide an excuse for office cake, but to get to know your colleagues better. They allow people to connect and remind each other who they are outside of the 9-5. By sharing celebrations with employees, you make them feel recognised and appreciated. It builds a culture of positivity and did we mention an excuse for cake?

celebrate at work

Now, we’re not suggesting that every celebration should be brought into the office. No one needs to hear about your dog’s birthday or your 1 month anniversary. No thank you. However, if your colleague is happy to share some of these bigger moments with you, it can be a great way to inject fun into the work day and show them you care. Here are a few life events worth looking out for in the office and how to celebrate them.

Birthday celebrations at work

Celebrating birthdays at work is a bit of a given, but we still wanted to include it in this list just to make sure you don’t forget. From putting up desk-orations to the classic cake, check out our blog on the best ways to celebrate birthdays in the workplace.

office wedding shower

Office wedding shower

Who doesn’t love a wedding?! How big you go with this is really dependent on your company. For some it will be saying cheers at the Friday meeting and perhaps picking something off the wedding gift list to split as a team. However, for smaller businesses or specific teams, bridal showers or mini stag and hens can be popular. Every workplace is different, but remember you do have to see each other Monday morning, so maybe go for something low key and keep the funny shaped straws out of office drawers. Why not set up afterwork drinks with snacks and a few colleague friendly games? Here are some suggestions.

New baby or maternity / paternity leave

Your colleague is about to embark on some serious sleepless nights. Send them off in a way that shows you care. Whether it's something cute for the baby, some pampering for Mum or a full blown baby-shower. It’s important to discuss any parties with the expecting parent, they might not want a fuss made, or they may be feeling anxious. Put the parent to be first. If you want to keep things low-key but a little more ambitious than a gift, why not opt for an office afternoon tea? You can play a few games, or just enjoy some cake with the parents. When you’ve heard that the baby has arrived safe and sound, make sure you congratulate your colleague. You could even send some postal brownies to help keep their energy up during those sleepless nights. office baby-shower

House-warming gifts for colleagues

Do not invite yourself round for a house-warming. If you have been invited to one, don’t shout it out in the office, who knows who wasn’t invited. A new home is an exciting and stressful time for your colleague. Plants and a card are often a safe bet, but why not ask them what they actually need. Get a few options and then pull together a kitty to see what you can get. If your colleague is taking a few days off to settle in, why not send some postal cakes or, if you’re feeling generous, a whole cake delivered to their home is a great surprise house-warming gift! Afterall, who wants to cook when they’ve finished unpacking? Celebrating life events at work can be a great way to bring your team together and show you care. Always make sure your colleague is happy to share these moments with the team before planning anything extravagant. If in doubt, a simple slice of cake and a cuppa is the perfect low-key congratulations.

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