How to celebrate Easter in the office

How to celebrate Easter in the office

Wondering how to celebrate Easter in the office this year? We have some great options to get you in the mood for spring.

Easter is right around the corner and is an excellent excuse to get your workplace teams into the season. If you want to do something a little different than the usual supermarket Easter Egg haul this year, we’ve collated a list of unique activities, gifts and treats that your teams are sure to enjoy this March.

And don’t worry, there will still be chocolate involved…


Treat your teams to some seasonal flowers

One of the many great things about Easter is that it marks the beginning of spring! Say a loud goodbye to winter by adorning your office in seasonal flowers. Think daffodils, Easter lilies, tulips, orchids and wildflowers. It’ll brighten up your workplace and your team’s spirits. And why not invite your teams to take a few flowers home when they leave for the Easter weekend as a treat? 

Do a workspace spring clean 

What better opportunity for an office spring clean than…spring? To get your teams in the mood, allow everyone an hour away from their work (add this in people’s calendars if necessary), put some energetic tunes on the office speakers, and give them the time to spruce up their workspace. A bonus point of having a wonderfully tidy office is that it boosts people’s mood. When people say tidy desk, tidy mind—they are onto something!


Host a virtual Easter egg hunt 

For any teams that are remote or hybrid, Easter fun doesn’t have to pass you by. With a little bit of know-how, you can organise an online Easter egg hunt for your teams. You can either make it entirely virtual by hiding ‘eggs’ on your website or Slack channels for others to find, or you can make it more interactive by turning it into an at-home Easter-themed scavenger hunt. Ask your colleagues surprise questions like ‘be the first one to hold up an egg to your camera’, or ‘be the first one to find and eat some chocolate’. You can even throw in some Easter trivia questions for extra points.   


Host an in-person Easter egg hunt 

For teams that will be in the office in the run up to Easter, you can organise a more traditional Easter egg hunt by hiding surprises around your workplace for your colleagues to find. To up the ante, go ahead and invest in a special prize for the winner, and give people a limited amount of time to find them all. After all, we imagine you’ll need to spend some of the day doing work… 


Indulge in some unique Easter treats 

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolatey goodness. But instead of hollow eggs again this year, why not treat the team to a delicious freshly baked platter of Creme Egg Brownies or Mini Egg Cookies

Mini egg cookies

Or if you’d like something just as delicious but with a branded touch, how about these Belgian Chocolate Egg Lollipops or Chocolate Egg Slabs tied with logo ribbon? Perfect as desk drops or token Easter gifts. 

You can even send Easter treats to your teams at home. Branded Easter biscuits are a best-seller and fit right through the letterbox! Still undecided on how to celebrate Easter in the office? You can browse the full Easter treats collection here.  


Host an Easter-themed baking contest 

If you want to go all-out this Easter, why not host a company-wide baking contest for your teams to judge? To keep things on theme, have a set list of baked goods that people can create. These could be hot cross buns, simnel cake or anything chocolatey! So that everyone gets a taste and there’s no hierarchy (if numbers permit), let everyone eat and score each entry so that everyone gets to experience everything. Of course, if you’re a much bigger business, you may need to delegate judges to taste and score, but try and diversify your judging panel to get as many internal teams engaged as possible.

At CakeDrop, we aren't just specialists in how to celebrate Easter in the office. We create treats for all kinds of corporate occasions, from seaonsal events and awareness days to company milestones and brand activations. You can find out more here.

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