employee experience events in 2024

Employee experience events in 2024

Want to learn more about improving your employee experience this year? We’ve listed all the best employee experience events in 2024 worth checking out.

Cultivating an exceptional employee experience has become a growing priority for businesses in recent years. Rather than focussing solely on financial gains, companies are now looking closer to home to secure long-term business success, honing in on employee wellbeing and company culture. After all, research has found that the two are intrinsically linked, with Oxford University citing that companies with higher employee wellbeing generate higher profits and command higher valuations.

As more businesses shift their priorities to fostering a people-centric culture, the landscape is abuzz with opportunities for professionals eager to redefine their employee experience.

For anyone hoping to learn more about improving the employee experience and network with like-minded individuals, it’s well worth attending one of the many great employee experience events taking place this year focussing on just that. To help you decide which event is most suited to you, we’ve collated a list of the very best employee experience conferences and events below. 


People Teams as Product Teams (Event Series)

12th February, 11th March, 22nd April & 20th May, London 

This series of 4 half-day interactive learning sessions will explore how People and HR teams can take a Product-led approach - from mapping the Employee Experience to defining Problem Statements. Hear case studies from key speakers about what has and hasn't worked for them, get practical frameworks and tools, and build your network. Run by Culturevist this event is sure to explore some of the best and most cutting-edge ways to improve your people experience. 

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Engaging Employees Conference

20th of March 2024, London

The Engaging Employees Conference is a one-day event that explores new ways to drive collaborative and motivated cultures, as well as boosting organisational performance with new insights. Hear from 21 industry-leading speakers, discussing everything from office culture and remote work to AI and mental health. 

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The Watercooler

23rd - 24th of April 2024, ExCeL London

Bringing together the latest thinking from over 100 experts, The Watercooler is a free-to-attend, two-day exhibition and conference which focuses on the vital role of workplace culture and wellbeing in business. Come along to hear and take part in discussions on practical ways we can improve the mental, physical, social, environmental and financial lives of employees. 

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The Workplace Event

30th of April - 2nd of May 2024, Birmingham

Another free-to-attend conference, this year The Workplace Event focuses specifically on employee experience and workplace performance. The event promises to bring attendees closer to workplace leaders and changemakers with an exciting programme of content, awards and insights, all tailored around improving work life for workers. 

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Employee Engagement Summit

1st of May, 2024, London

Now in its 11th year and Europe’s largest event of its kind, the Employee Engagement Summit attracts over 1,000 attendees to discuss the future of employee engagement. This year promises case studies, live interviews and panel discussions that showcase the importance of high-impact, purpose-driven employee engagement strategies. 

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Festival of Work

7th - 8th of June 2024,  ExCeL London

The CIPD Festival of Work is a two-day conference that explores the future of work, in particular, how we can create work environments that enable people to work better, and that work better for people. This event always boasts a great range of speakers, which last year included the likes of Fearne Cotton and Katherine Ryan. Come along this year for a great opportunity to connect, collaborate and take inspiration from fellow people professionals and business leaders across the world.

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Unite 24

15th - 16th of October 2024, London

Unite 24 sells itself as not “just an employee experience conference, it's an experience.” Across 2 days, some of the world's leading enterprises unite to learn, network, get inspired, and - most importantly - have fun. With deep dives into how enterprises level up employee experience and visionary keynotes from the biggest names, there’s plenty to learn about improving things for your teams. 

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Future of Work Europe

13th - 14th of November 2024, London

Launched in 2019, Future of Work Europe has - among other topics - always held space to discuss employee engagement and how it can be improved upon. Another event that always boasts a great range of speakers, last year’s conference included talks with M&S, Mastercard, Rolls Royce and many others. 

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If you’re interested in boosting your own employee experience, CakeDrop works with some of the biggest brands in the UK to inject a little sweetness into your company culture. Visit our website to find out more. 

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