Best Blogs for Office Managers in 2021

Best Blogs for Office Managers in 2021

We've pulled together the best blogs for Office Managers to help you stay productive, keep culture buzzing and make your life a little bit easier.

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Being an Office Manager can mean that people often turn to you with a wide variety of requests. You wear a lot of hats. One day you're a physiotherapist recommending the best chairs, the next you're a high-powered party planner. Then of course there's the ongoing role of specialist printer engineer... "has anyone seen the toner?!" To help you stay one step ahead of the game, we’ve put together a list of our top 6 blogs for office managers to help inspire, and make your life a little easier.

Thrive Global

Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington began Thrive after suffering sleep deprivation in her previous job role. Anyone who works – or has ever worked - in an office will know that it can be incredibly demanding. Thrive’s ethos is that wellbeing and performance go hand in hand, and we couldn’t agree more! Go on, go and unlock your company’s potential.

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Stylist – Careers

Remember the good old days, leafing through Stylist on your commute and then using it to protect your hair during the unexpected downpour on the way home? Stylist is a fantastic publication and their recent creation of careers focussed content, meets the high standard we’ve come to expect. From productivity tips, to asking for a pay rise and dealing with difficult colleagues, there’s a whole host of great advice to improve work life for yourself and your team.

Fast Company
Right, we need an order of tips, office hacks, inspiring stories and career advice – STAT! That’s fine, because – ORDER UP – the Fast Company has all of those and more. Find out how to become a mentor, what the new way of working looks like post-pandemic and how to become more emotionally intelligent towards staff members and colleagues.

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This one we love because there is so much focus on the people. We love people, and people love cake, so we’re well connected. Catch up on the latest ways to lift your colleagues’ spirits and help them avoid burnout. What about Managing a team over different time zones? Yeah – they’ve even covered that! You’re going to wonder what you ever did without this blog.


It goes without saying that everyone is different. People approach tasks differently, they absorb feedback differently, they react to pressure – yep you guessed it – differently. The blog looks at personality types, and how to get the best out of your staff whilst also empowering and uplifting them. It's a must read.

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Insight is dedicated to the design and management of office spaces. Their philosophy is that modern working is all about cultural and digital spaces – we love to hear it! Every day they provide you with great news and tips about how to make your workspace, work. Make it easy by subscribing to their newsletter. Weekly inspiration straight to your inbox – boom.


Don’t forget our blog! We are all about the feel-good factor, making people’s days brighter and creating all round positive experiences in the workplace. That’s why we’re so invested in supplying London offices with layers and layers of, well, happiness – oh and buttercream icing. Our team take the stress our of employee birthdays, work anniversaries, events and just having a monthly cake day. If you're not in the office at the moment, or are based outside of London, we can also help with postal treats to brighten employee doorsteps. There are so many resources out there to help you not only survive 2021 but thrive! New ways of working may seem daunting but remember we're all in the same boat. Sharing knowledge and advice within the industry should be celebrated – speaking of celebrations, have you got the Victoria Sponge for Marc’s birthday tomorrow?

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