Banish Blue Monday: 4 ways to cheer-up your team

Banish Blue Monday: 4 ways to cheer-up your team

Blue monday postal treats Okay, we’ll start by saying we’re not convinced Blue Monday is real. Yes, it is based on scientific research but labelling a day “the lowest of the year” is hardly going to raise anyone’s spirits. Dr Cliff Arnall, the person behind Blue Monday, says he intended the phrase to inspire people to take action rather than emphasising the misery of the year's joyless date. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do and, let’s face it, any excuse for a pick-me-up is very welcome right now. Your colleagues might be working from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share the day and get some feel-good vibes onto everyone’s desk or dining table. To get you off on the right (cheery) foot, we’ve created a special edition 'Banish the Blues' Treatbox to brighten up employees' home offices. Each postal box contains:
  • 3 x Freshly-baked, choc-dipped blue confetti cookies
  • 1 x 250ml TENZING Natural Energy – a plant-based energising drink powered by natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes
  • 1 x Motivational ‘Bye Bye Blues’ postcard with self-care challenge
  • Space for your personal note

This is bound to perk up your colleagues' day because chocolate and confetti make you happy – and that is scientific research we can get behind. Alongside sending postal cookies, here are some other ideas to combat those Blue Monday feels.


Get Moving

blue monday ideas Getting your body moving is a great way to get yourself out of a funk. Why not arrange a virtual yoga class for your team? You could find an instructor or pick from one of the great videos by people like Yoga with Adriene on youtube. More parties than zen? Then pick something upbeat, try a dance sweat session with the Fitness Marshall or go for a classic HIIT with Joe Wicks. Switching the camera on should be optional so that those who feel uncomfortable, or would rather be eating cookies at the back of the class, can get on with it in private.

Have a laugh

blue monday treats

We could all do with a good old belly laugh. Get the team together for a virtual comedy night. Soho Theatre has on-demand gigs or you could get ahead of the Monday blues by watching a live-streamed comedy gig on Friday from the comedy store. Get some overpriced drinks in and it will be like heading out for the real thing – minus the grim night tube.

A playlist a day

blue monday playlist Remember fighting over the office Sonar system? The Radio 6 vs Capital arguments? Bring the team back together by creating your own Blue Monday Spotify playlist to share with the team. Either take it upon yourself to play DJ or get everyone to add their favourite uplifting tunes. Hit play at the same time and know that whilst you're dancing around, confetti cookie in hand, your teammates are doing the same.

Get outside

Encourage the team to enjoy some fresh air on their lunch break. Why not set up a photographic scavenger hunt. Set a list of things to snap pictures of on their walk and get everyone to share them on Slack or in a team email. You could either set them as individual tasks or group them into pairs or teams to submit as a group. The team or individual with the most items ticked off the list each gets a postal treat sent as a reward. Keep the tasks Covid safe and enjoy a walk that’s a little bit different. Here’s some inspiration for snapping:
  • Brightest/ugliest car
  • Fanciest front door
  • Record the best sound
  • Most interesting tree
  • Something lost
  • Strangest footprints
  • Furry friends
  • A video of your dancing in the street
Blue Monday doesn’t have to be a gloomy day. Help raise your team’s spirits this Monday (and Lockdown 3.0) with these 4 activities. Don’t forget to order our limited edition 'Banish the Blues' Treat Box for yourself and your colleagues and keep your chin up.
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