Automated employee gifting: the must-have addition to the HR toolkit

Automated employee gifting: the must-have addition to the HR toolkit

Whether you’re a big corporation or a plucky startup - keeping track of employee birthdays can be hard. But automated gifting from CakeDrop is here to save the day...and your to-do list! 


Birthday Biscuit

One thing all HR and People teams have in common is that they all have a lot in their job description. From overseeing talent recruitment and onboarding to cultivating workplace harmony and supporting professional development, People teams skilfully juggle the entire employee lifecycle. 

If you’re in one of these roles, it's likely you’re naturally great at organisation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get overwhelmed, especially as your headcount increases.

Recognising employee milestones is a perfect example of how a relatively simple item on your to-do list can quickly evolve into something much more time-consuming as your team expands. With a steady stream of new starters, you might swiftly find yourself with hundreds of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate a year. And in a growing company, it becomes even more important to make everyone feel valued.

But what if there was a way to ensure key dates for celebration in the employee journey were fully taken care of for the year ahead?

A solution that allows you to tick ‘birthdays’ and ‘work anniversaries’ off your list in January, and rest assured that they are sorted for the whole year? 

 Well, CakeDrop’s automated gifting is here to make life a LOT easier 

CakeDrop automated gifting

Gone are the days of dashing to the shops on the day of an employee’s birthday or work anniversary. By setting up a birthday or work anniversary plan with CakeDrop, you can make sure that a delicious branded gift is delivered to your team members on their special day without you having to lift a finger. And at £16 per person, it might not only be time that you’re saving. 

How does it work? 

In short: very easily. Simply choose what delicious treat you’d like your employees to receive, then upload your logo and brand assets so we can beautifully customise your treats. We’ll then connect directly to your HR platform, syncing those all important dates and details. On those days, a custom edible gift is delivered to your employees wherever they are in the UK, along with notifications to remind you that it’s on the way. And through our secure integration, you can be sure your birthday or work anniversary plan remains up-to-date even if you have new joiners, leavers or employees that change their address.

CakeDrop automated gifting
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