6 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in the Office

6 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in the Office

Celebrating birthdays in the office should be better than a card plastered with, 'have a great one' and a mass-produced traybake. Remember when you were a kid and birthdays were the absolute best? Now you're all grown-up and rather than heading to soft-play with your friends, the nine to five is calling. Despite what some may think, birthdays in the office don't have to be a drag. In fact, they're the perfect opportunity to inject a little joy into the workplace. Making sure employees feel appreciated can have huge benefits for their performance. What better way to celebrate someone than a big cheer, and an even bigger slice of cake, on their birthday? Don't settle for a cringe-worthy floral card and last-minute lemon drizzle from the nearest supermarket. Here are 6 ways to celebrate birthdays in the office.

It’s a Piece a’ Cake!

    The birthday centrepiece that has truly lasted the test of time. When was the last time you celebrated a colleague’s birthday and there wasn’t a cake? If your answer to that is anything but ‘never’, then I’m afraid to say you’re going to the wrong parties. A cake, as well as being delicious, is a meaningful gesture that delights even the most birthday-averse among us. It’s the special sugary treat that lets the birthday person know today is about them and that they are appreciated. Dietary requirement? Even better! People with intolerances can feel like a burden when it comes to group eating scenarios. But, with loads of brilliant bakeries offering free-from options you can still put a smile on their face. Whether they're gluten free, dairy intolerant or vegan, there's a cake for that. ** We know some of you aren't in the offices at the moment, so why not send postal treats or an entire cake to your colleague instead?

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    Champion of the Birthday Calendar

      Have you ever gotten to the office only to find your colleague running out with the company card, racing to the corner shop to make sure *insert name here* doesn’t find out everyone forgot their birthday? We know that work can be a hectic place, so why not keep a birthday calendar supported by a fun-loving, organised soul who’s willing to champion it? Whilst you’re reading this, I bet you’re thinking of the person who would be itching to take this on right? Oh, it’s you? Great!

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      Monthly Roundup

        For large teams, picking one monthly cake day to mark all celebrations is a great way to acknowledge multiple people at once. Whilst cake everyday sounds great, it can get too much for budgets and waistlines. For those colleagues who aren’t happy being in the spotlight it also relieves the pressure. Having one day within the month where everyone gets together to celebrate e.g. ‘June’s birthdays’ could be the best solution for all involved.

        Sorry to be a pain (au chocolat!)

          Not everyone has a sweet tooth. We know, it's a shock for us also. But just because they don't like cake doesn't mean you can't celebrate. Why not organise a birthday breakfast or cheese board? Whilst a bacon sandwich might not hold a candle in the same way, at least you can show you care. Although, we'd still suggest getting a cake for the rest of the team... it's a celebration after all.

          Now decorating a desk might not be for everyone and you can totally look (fake) embarrassed, but we think it’s wonderful! Just imagine, it’s 8 am, you’ve got a life-saving coffee in hand and you walk in to find your desk covered in bunting, streamers and balloons! How can that not put a big goofy grin on your face?

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          Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most generous one of all?

            This idea is for the fundraising warrior amongst you. They are the truly good people of the world. The people who insist on no gifts, who single-handedly organised the coffee morning for Macmillan and baked the most amazing lemon drizzle for it. Instead of spending on gifts and decorations, why not raise a few quid with the team and donate to your warrior’s charity of choice? It will simultaneously make them happy whilst supporting a great cause. So, whether or not you’re a keeno for office birthday bashes, there really is an option for everyone. Be the office that all the other offices are jealous of, and as Marie-Antoinette once said: ‘LET THEM EAT CAKE’!

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