5 ways to make your work Christmas party a huge success

5 ways to make your work Christmas party a huge success

Pulling off an amazing Christmas party can be a daunting task - but with these 5 tips, it’s snow problem…

Whether you love them or hate them, workplace Christmas parties are a rite of passage for most employees. A great Christmas party can go down in company history for years to come, but bad ones do tend to be remembered just as easily! 

Some things you can’t control when putting together a Christmas party (how much your CEO decides to drink, or whether it will pour with rain or not) but there are some failsafe things you can do to ensure your team has a fabulous time. 

Here are five of our favourites…

1. Organise your party around an activity

Nothing oils up conversation and camaraderie like a good old activity. For your Christmas party, try to think of something outside the box (aka not just karaoke or a quiz). Why not take your team to a mixology class, where you can shake and sip your own classic cocktails? Or, get into the spirit of whodunnit by hosting a murder mystery dinner? Top hats and gowns encouraged, of course! 

2. Build up excitement around the event 

Just ask Anna Wintour, nothing ramps up positivity around an event like a bit of mystery and excitement. While your work Christmas party might not quite rival the Met Gala, small touches can go a long way. Why not send out some edible invitations, dress codes, or hint at some “hidden surprises” to come?

3. Make sure you sort the music beforehand

With party music, you’ll never be able to please everyone, but we can all agree there’s nothing worse than a mismatched free-for-all on the tunes. Hiring a DJ is an obvious way to get some expertise on the dancefloor, but if that’s out of budget, look into curating a playlist ahead of time. Get staff to each send a couple of their favourite songs, and mix these in with some classics that will keep energy high. Spotify is your friend here!

4. Indulge in some branded treats

Often, it’s the little touches that make a work party memorable. Make your Christmas party extra special by getting some delicious treats in for the occasion. CakeDrop offers a festive range of delicious goodies which can be customised with your brand colours and logo. A show-stopping centrepiece for a party that everyone will remember.

4. Share some good news

Happiness is contagious, and a happy party is a successful one. If you’ve been sitting on some staff promotions or new client wins, save them until your Christmas party to announce. Or, if you’ve not got anything to share, organise an award ceremony for people who have done a particularly great job this year. It will be a real cause for celebration. Why not give away some of CakeDrop's branded edible Trophies to your winners!

At CakeDrop, we can help you make your Christmas party a huge success. Take a look at our range of delicious customisable treats, and add a little sweetness to your festive fiesta!  

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