2024 Workplace Culture Calendar

2024 Workplace Culture Calendar

Attention HR, People, and Workplace Managers! Never miss an opportunity to sweeten up your workplace experience with the 2024 Workplace Culture Calendar.

While seasonal events and awareness days might be tricky to remember, they serve as valuable anchors to plan and enhance employee experience initiatives throughout the year.

As well as injecting some fun into the workplace, celebrating key dates provides a myriad of benefits, encompassing employee engagement, team building, and even social impact.

To help you make the most of every opportunity this year, we've crafted the 2024 Workplace Culture Calendar. This visually pleasing and easy-to-use document houses over 40 seasonal events and awareness days taking place throughout the year. These are key dates that any HR, People, or Workplace Manager might find valuable, from well-known celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Pride Month to lesser-known awareness days.

Why are seasonal events and awareness days so important?

Recognising important calendar dates is about more than having an abundant schedule of events; it's also about fostering togetherness, promoting inclusivity, and creating a sense of belonging. By taking the time to organise and plan for these calendar moments, you’re creating an office culture that is not just exciting but also embraces everyone. 

With dates like Black History Month and Pride, you’re ensuring you acknowledge and celebrate the diversity within your teams. Embracing religious holidays like Diwali and Eid al-Fitr means adding richness and depth to your workplace experience, as well as your diversity and inclusion programs. And sometimes, it's just about treating your team, like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (...yes, it’s a recognised holiday!).

Rally together a diverse team to be your culture committee. It should shine a light on the celebrations that matter to your people.

How can I get my hands on a copy?

Simply input your details then verify your email and the 2024 Workplace Culture Calendar will be sent directly to your inbox. In just a few clicks, you can browse through a year’s worth of exciting Workplace Culture celebrations for you and your teams to enjoy.

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