The meeting snacks you’ll live to regret

The free snacks are the only thing that motivated you to get to that dreaded meeting – now you have to navigate the process of filling your plate strategically and plan how you’ll get it all in your mouth without showing your true colours. Here’s the four things that you will regret putting on your mini plate…


So cute, so Parisian…. until they shatter into a thousand elusive flakes at first bite. Say au revoir to your smart black outfit and bonjour to pastry dandruff in the crevices of your scarf.

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It’s a cruel fact of life that one full-sized sandwich looks excessive in triangle format. You end up settling with three miniature sarnies so not to appear greedy, knowing full well you cheated yourself out of a decent lunch.

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Is there any less enjoyable way to eat a fruit salad than frantically chewing it into oblivion before it’s your turn to speak.

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Sure, that banana seemed like a great shout… until you accidentally made eye contact with your boss.

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I think what we’re trying to say is… stay safe, eat cake.