Reflecting on our first year…

Reflecting on our first year…

This month CakeDrop turned ONE! And after a whole year of riding around London on our trike, it got us reflecting on the great, funny and slightly awkward times we’ve had CakeDropping over the past year.

Here’s a few gems that weren’t exactly in the business plan…


1. Trike Life

Girls, if you love a bit of unwanted male attention, get yourselves a bright purple trike.

From the daily “Can I have a cake?” hollered from white vans, to the bizarrely complimentary ‘”You ride that all day? That’s why you’re so damn HOT”, there’s not a day goes by where you can cycle unnoticed through London.

2. The Beast From The East

The nation’s transport network may have ground to a halt but that wasn’t going to stop us getting cakes into offices… even if that meant cycling through Clerkenwell sliding sideways through a Siberian snowstorm shouting “I can’t see anything, I can’t see anything!!” as I was blinded by a torrent of ice crystals.

3. Learning different office delivery policies
Getting to the office is half the battle, getting in is a different story altogether. I could have never anticipated being escorted out of a huge corporate office building by security who must have only assumed I was carrying a firearm in a box. Then there was the time I was asked to deliver to the goods entrance, only to join a queue of lorries as a human with a cake box.

4. Gaining a new identity

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been referred to as ‘Cake Lady’. By receptionists, office workers, friends of friends. I never entered this journey thinking of myself as a ‘cake lady’ but it turns out that’s who I am now.

5. Starting to mould into ‘cake lady’ by acting how a ‘cake lady’ would

Starting the CakeDrop journey meant adapting from working in a busy London office to being on my own, a lot of the time. So delivering to offices has become a welcome way to get some human interaction. That is apart from the day I arrived at one with a surprise cake fully embracing my new-found role, only for my over-enthusiastic “IIIIIS IT SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY!?” to be greeted with absolute silence and a sea of blank faces. Sorry for the distraction guys.

6. Being invited in for a slice

It only happened once, but it was THE BEST DAY of CakeDrop so far.

7. Being the person every office can’t wait to see

Arriving with your cakes has been next-level. Receptionists jumping up from their seat, distant screams of “THE CAKE IS HERE!”, entire offices gathering around me like vultures waiting to see what cake they got. The popularity is great for the ego, but it’s probably just the cake.

 Happy Birthday CakeDrop you crazy rollercoaster ride of cake and joy!!