Our Story

You may recognise Anna - she spends some time on the bike, mainly because she loves to see the looks on everyone's faces when she arrives with cake. Chat with Anna if you need help with your orders or want to be a CakeDrop supplier/rider!


Co-Founder & Ops Director

Nicola is our behind the scenes DO-ER, the real brains behind CakeDrop. If you’re an office wanting to sign up, she’s your girl. Nicola is our comms professional too - so anything PR related get in touch!


Co-Founder & Marketing Director

We are Nicola and Anna Ward, the founders of CakeDrop. A few years ago we were both working in the City when we had this conversation about how awkward office celebrations can be. You know the one… arriving at the office at 8:55am to the realisation it’s your colleagues birthday, then having to sneak back out to buy a last-minute cake.


What we really couldn’t get our heads around though was the fact that despite London being home to a ton of incredible artisan bakeries and cake shops, so many workplace occasions were still celebrated with supermarket cake! We mused that there needed to be some solution which made it easy and cost-effective for offices to enjoy the best, seasonal artisan cake in the City which overcame the logistical challenges faced by independent bakeries in terms of delivery. The idea for CakeDrop was born there and then!


So off we went on a mission to combat Colin the Caterpillar culture in the workplace and connect Londons’s office workers with the scores of incredible independent bakeries around the Capital. Anna left her job in the City and Nicola went on early maternity leave to set the wheels in motion. In summer 2017, CakeDrop’s first website was launched with the ability to schedule cake deliveries in advance, saving time and hassle for office managers, and our purpose built CakeTrike was built.


We are now partnered with 11 London bakeries, including the likes of Victoria Yum who supplies Harrods, Selfridges & Fortnum and Mason; Sweet Tooth Factory who supply Whole Foods Market; Pearl & Groove, an all GF bakery on the Portobello Road – and so many more. All of our bakeries have a totally unique style and array of flavours. Whatsmore, with each and every CakeDrop our customers are supporting the local independent bakers of our city who make London such a special (and delicious) place.

What’s next?


Well… this ain’t just a London thing. Everyone needs amazing cake! We have plans to expand throughout the UK, grow our supplier base, and continue making office cake days bloody incredible. We’re currently raising investment (hey if you happen to be an Angel reading this – get in touch) and have big plans for the future!

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