Meet your Baker: Claudia at Greenfox Bakery

Meet your Baker: Claudia at Greenfox Bakery

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Many of us have had that mid-week fantasy when deadlines are looming and your calendar is rammed with meetings – maybe I’ll just pack it all in and become a baker. 

Thankfully for us, Claudia listened to that voice in her head and Greenfox Bakery was born. Now we’re not saying being a baker is a piece of cake, far from it. With early mornings, late nights and melting chocolate cakes, it can be more stressful than a Monday morning deadline. However, it’s clear to anyone who has tried a Greenfox creation, that saying goodbye to the corporate world was Claudia’s calling. 

We caught up with the woman behind Greenfox Bakery to find out more about her creations, inspiration and dream cake-break companion. 

Where did your love for baking start? 

I used to go over to the states quite a bit when I was a kid (Disney addict right here). I think going over there and eating in places like Dennys and seeing all their incredible desserts – like the cookies and pies – has really influenced my baking.

I like the ‘bigger is better’ mentality, the bright colours and the indulgence of the whole thing. That’s why everything I make has to be ‘full fat’. Nothing skinny round here! 

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What do you love most about what you do? 

I’m such a people pleaser, so the thing I love most is making people happy. Making someone smile, spreading joy and seeing the look in your client’s faces when they see their vision come to life is the reason I do this job. Oh, and I get to eat bits of cake every day which is always a bonus.

What can our offices look forward to when it comes to your bakes? 

I work entirely in buttercream and like to create really bright, fun and modern cakes which people go nuts over. I take a lot of inspiration from American bakers too, and as such we make Brookies which are a brownie cookie hybrid. Clients go nuts for them as they are so moreish and completely delicious.

What has been your biggest baking challenge to date? 

My first ever wedding cake. It was the hottest day of the year at Syon House – a stunning venue in South London. The indoor area is made of glass so it traps all the heat inside of it.  The client had a chocolate cake with loads of handmade chocolate decorations – needless to say keeping it all from melting was one of the toughest cake challenges of my life.

You must have eaten your fair share of cakes over the years, but which one is the most memorable? 

My 18th birthday cake. It was a Costco chocolate cake (my guilty pleasure to this day) and it was the greatest treat to have. I love the corner bits because you get the most icing.

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You used to work in an office before your baking days, did you bake for your team? 

During GBBO I used to make that week’s bake theme for my team. It went down an absolute storm but the most successful bake was a chocolate babka that I made. Even the CEO got involved.

If you could share a slice of cake with anyone, who would it be? 

Prince. I’m a huge fan of his and I would have loved to have sat down with him and chatted over cake. It would have to be a bright purple cake, of course.

During lockdown we’re working with Greenfox Bakery to deliver postal brownies across the UK. If you’re missing catching up over a slice and cuppa with your work wife and colleagues, why not surprise them with a letterbox drop? 

…. Or you could order yourself a box, we won’t tell!