Frequently Asked Questions

How it works... in detail

We’ve created some packages made up of popular order numbers, however you can mix and match packages to get the number of cakes you need. You might want a cake for each employee birthday, work anniversary or special occasion. Alternatively, you might want a monthly treat for the team.


Once purchased, you can schedule CakeDrops to arrive whenever you like using our online calendar. You can schedule all of your Drops at once or as-and-when, we just need a week’s notice. You can also cancel or move your Drops at a week’s notice.


We deliver freshly baked cake direct to your office on your scheduled days, sourced from London’s best independent bakeries.

What type of cake will I receive?

We give our bakers creative freedom to bake a whole range of delicious recipes. Some of our favourites include Chocolate Gold Dust, Jammie Dodgers, Vanilla Rainbow, Banana & Salted Caramel and Peaches & Cream.


Our policy is to surprise you on the day, this is to keep things fresh and exciting and to make sure your office always gets something different. You won’t be disappointed.


You can use your calendar to let us know if you require Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Vegan.


Check out our Instagram to get a taste of the variety.

Are the cakes suitable for people with allergies?

A full ingredient list will be included with every cake we deliver – please read these carefully before consuming as our cakes may not be suitable for people with certain allergies.


We offer a vegan range, and can provide gluten free. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How many people can one cake feed?

All our cakes provide 14-28 party portions… depending on how big you like your slices. A cake cutting guide is included with each Drop.

What time will my CakeDrop arrive?

Your CakeDrop will arrive between 9am and 3pm on your scheduled day. Always in time for afternoon tea!

Who makes my cake?

All our cakes are handmade by London’s best independent bakeries, meaning you are supporting local businesses with every slice. Information about who has made your cake will arrive with your CakeDrop.

Can I store my cake?

All cakes are freshly made by local bakeries so we would recommend eating them on the day of your Drop. Freshly baked cakes are best stored in a cool, dry place.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your CakeDrop package upfront by credit or debit card. We do not take cash on delivery. We can provide invoices.

When can I schedule my CakeDrops?

Any day of the working week (Monday to Friday) excluding bank holidays. You will need to give us one weeks notice.

Do I have to schedule all my CakeDrops immediately after purchase?

You can schedule all your drops in one go if you please, or log on as-and-when to schedule. We just need a week’s notice. Your purchased CakeDrops will remain on your account for a whole year.

Is there a limit on how many cakes I can get delivered in a day?

You can schedule as many cakes as you like to be delivered in one day.

What if I want to reschedule or cancel one of my CakeDrops?

Your personal CakeDrop calendar allows you to reschedule your Drops free of charge. Just make sure you give us one week’s notice. Once you have cancelled a drop, your account will be credited to be rescheduled at a later date. Your account will not be credited if you cancel drops without a week’s notice.

Can I send a CakeDrop to another office?

If you’d like a cake to an office address other than your own, please tick the ‘send to another office’ box on your scheduled drop, and let us know their name/address.

Where we drop

We drop to all postcodes in London Zone 1 & Zone 2.


On the border? Let us know and we will try to fit you in!


What will the cake flavour be?

The cake will always be a surprise – but from our most loved range!

Can we have a Vegan or Gluten Free alternative?

Absolutely! Let us know via email at least a week prior to your drop if you require a Vegan or GF alternative.

Will the cake be suitable for people with allergies?

Your cake will be delivered with full ingredients & allergy info, so please do check that before consuming.

How do I pay?

You will be asked to set up a monthly direct debit via our payment provider GoCardless.

Can I cancel my subscription?

When signing up to CakeClub, you sign up to 1 drop a month for 12 months. You cannot cancel your subscription.

If you need any questions answered,

have any problems with our site or your Drop please contact us.