4 Fun Ways to Keep Your Office Connected During Lockdown

4 Fun Ways to Keep Your Office Connected During Lockdown

Lockdown, am I right? Some of us may be enjoying more of our own space, but for
others being apart from your work-besties is challenging. Dare I say, you even look
forward to going into the office, to revel in those quality in-jokes and moan about the
Piccadilly line.

What about that Friday afternoon pick-me-up when the chants of happy birthday begin
and you know the cake isn’t far away – it would be rude not to have a slice.

Team culture has always been important, and our current socially-distanced situation
doesn’t change that. In fact, with more of your team isolated it’s arguably more
important to keep in touch. Even if some are furloughed right now, keeping the sense of
community between teams is important. Beyond Monday stand-ups and awkward
Zoom meetings, we still need to find the fun parts of office life.

We’ve scoured the internet and pestered our nearest and dearest to find the 4 most fun
ways to keep your office team in touch during lockdown.

Couples Coffee Breaks

A one-to-one coffee break can be a great way to re-energise and give you an excuse to
step away from the desk – I repeat – step away from the desk.

GitLab has a predominantly remote workforce and has been doing it for years. It’s part
of the company’s culture outlined in its handbook, “We encourage team members to
dedicate a few hours every week to these calls, which is roughly comparable to the time
someone working in an office might spend chatting while walking to meetings, grabbing
coffee in the break room, or having lunch together in person.”

It could be catching up on last night’s TV, brainstorming an idea or even discussing
office gossip. What’s important is recreating those impromptu moments of connection
you normally find waiting for the kettle to boil.

Non-work-chat (NWC) Chats

We’ve got WhatsApp groups coming out of our ears! But we still want to keep the office
‘bants’ alive because otherwise it’s only work.

Let’s re-home those LOLs that keep your 9-5 ticking over nicely. Teams or Slack are
great platforms to focus your unrivalled gif-based hilarity, share cat memes and most
importantly let everyone know what you’re having for lunch.

*Important note: No shop talk.

‘There’s been a muuurder’

Is anyone else sick of quizzes? Try something different to replace your Friday night
drinks. Why not do a company murder mystery party? Places like Red Herring have
adapted scripts specifically for video calls.

With everyone stuck at home, you’ll see who’s most resourceful when it comes to
costumes. From Murder on the Orient Express to 80s prom themes, there are plenty of
options and lots of opportunity for fake moustaches and questionable accents.

postal cakes

Wait a minute Mr Postman

Finally, don’t let those birthdays or anniversaries be forgotten. Great relationships, loyal
employees and incredible work ethics have been built on the foundations of eating cake

Remind others that you’re thinking of them with postal treats. Maybe if those weekly
team meetings are starting to get a bit dry, spice them up – get people smiling and
engaged with a cuppa and a slice. Celebrate people and achievements like you would
normally and have sweet treats delivered directly to them. Better yet, some are
letterbox friendly, so no dashing to the door in your dressing gown and you’ll keep up
your social distancing.

Our thinking is that everyone, near or far, lockdown or no lockdown, should get their
just desserts. So, with a dash of internet, a sprinkle of home-delivery and a cup of
thoughtfulness we can tip the scales on Lockdown 2020.